"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." --Albert Einstein


the many secret identities of JEFF DRAKE!



Identity: Professor Jeff Drake
Location: Fairbanks, AK
My disguise: A very convincing beard!
My mission: To work "the lab" at the Geophysical Institute. Also to eat Hot Pockets...many, many Hot Pockets!

Identity: Jeff Drake
Location: Brewster, MA
My disguise: Business casual!
My mission: To make models for use as exhibits in legal proceedings, and then to point at them!

Identity: DJ Jeff Drake
Location: Brisbane, Australia
My disguise: Headphones and a black T-shirt!
My mission: To infiltrate the rave scene, get the party started and keep it rockin' all night long!





Identity: Jeff Drake
Location: Lexington, MA
My disguise: A sweater vest!
My mission: To create stronger families via psychotherapy!

Identity: Jeff Drake
Location: Tennessee & Ohio
My disguise: Silvery hair!
My mission: To bring down the health care industry from the inside! Also, to find a decent taco stand in Tennessee. It ain't as easy as it seems, folks!

Identity: Jeff Drake
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
My disguise: I have a soul patch!
My mission: To photograph myself in the far corners of the globe. Never to smile. Never!





Identity: Jeff Drake
Location: Great Britain
My disguise: Pasty white skin and a receding hairline!
My mission: To warn the world about the dangers of identity theft! Later, to laugh at the irony of my mission.

Identity: Jeffrey W. Drake
Location: Grand Blanc, MI
My disguise: A mesmerizing backdrop!
My mission: To motivate you! With my enthusiastic yet practical style that relates to many types of audiences!

Identity: Jeff Drake
Location: San Francisco, CA
My disguise: I am shaped like a menu!
My mission: To encourage patrons to order delicious, affordable entrees! Then, maybe an Apple Crostada or a coffee perhaps? No? Just the check then. All right.




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