"Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives." --William Dement

v i v i d   d r e a m s
December 18, 2005
In which my friends throw me a really lame bachelor party, and then give me a really crappy nickname.

September 8, 2002
In which I try to direct a musical, then watch a building get demolished, not once...but twice.

June 10, 2002
In which I find myself competing with an unidentified black woman to see who is prettiest.

April 3, 2002
In which the late Dudley Moore turns out to have a side business as a building imploder.

a dream I had the morning of May 5, 2002

I only remember two snippets from my dreams last night. They happened in this order, and I haven't the foggiest notion how I got from the first one to the next. I'll entertain any and all theories if you'd like to drop them in the Guestbook.

In the first part, I was driving cross country with at least one other person (can't remember who now). And we stopped the car when it looked like we were in the Painted Desert in Arizona.

This came as a surprise for two reasons. One, we seemed surprised to find we were in Arizona. And two, the landscape didn't look right. The bands of color across the landscape seemed too distinct.

"It looks like it's made of Legos," said my companion.

When we looked closer, we found out that indeed it was made of Legos. Apparently, the Lego company was replacing the natural beauty of the Painted Desert with an exact Lego replica as some sort of new theme park.

Maybe not a great idea, from a conservation standpoint, but you shoulda seen it! It really was impressive.

In the second part, I was at some house with a balcony, and many people were there. It was during the day and might have been a cookout or something. All I know is I wasn't at my house. While I was inside, I heard -- possibly on TV -- that rocker Glenn Danzig had committed suicide.

"Holy cow!" I thought. "I've got to tell Lindsey!"

So I go out to the balcony and I yell down to Lindsey Stoddart (the connection in my dream of Lindsey and Glenn Danzig makes sense, as she made signs at the theater that used a very Danziggy font and made a joke about Glenn Danzig). I tell Lindsey that Glenn Danzig committed suicide. We're both a little shocked, but ultimately not that surprised, as we figure he did it because he was going bald.

Later, I get on my cell phone to talk to Brooke and Charlie to tell them about Glenn Danzig's suicide, but they already know about it. (This is a bit odd, because I'm fairly certain the Dillmans don't know the first thing about Glenn Danzig.) I get Brooke on the phone and she asks where I am, because I sound so close. She is surprised to find I am not in town, but am instead calling from a distance.

Then she informs me that she and Charlie were awakened by sirens because Glenn Danzig apparently offed himself in the apartment next to theirs. (The apartment building they speak of looks more like a cheap hotel then apartments.) As best as they could decipher from the police and media reports, Glenn went into their neighbor's apartment, when the neighbor wasn't home, and shot himself. It was a little disturbing to me, because I too lived in that apartment building.

It is interesting to note, the Dillmans don't live in my building, but in a house. And the building in the dream looked nothing like the apartment building I actually live in. Oddly, the apartment building and the building I was on when I yelled down to Lindsey looked pretty much the same. Even more odd is the fact that they closely resembled the hotel where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.

Now, you tell me what Glenn Danzig, Martin Luther King Jr. and Legos have in common. I dare you.

© 2002 Jeff Drake