"We are kamikazes all, daring the guillotine to fall. Transformer-fried or Michelin-kissed, there is no living like this."
--Squirrel Highway




Chuxx Discography: Maturation





FINALLY WE HAVE REACHED the Maturation Period (1986-present). It's been a long road, but I think we've all learned some important lessons. Haven't we learned how to love? How to live life to the fullest? How to see the sights of Europe on just $5 a day?

So, what does this final period of Chuxxian development tell us about the Chuxx? Well, it illustrates that the four friends, who have known each other since the delightful days of junior high school band (taught by the brother of the drummer for the band America), are still not out of ideas. Even though they now live in four different cities, in three different states, Bobby & the Chuxx are still thriving.

The pace is slower, certainly. Where in the past, several albums could be (and were) recorded in one year, now the Chuxx take about two years to crank out a single album. With the exception of Otis, of course.

And speaking of Otis Hauls It In, it should be conveyed here just what an ill-fated trip that album was. In retrospect, it was probably hexed. The original idea was to record a double-album, with one disc being all new material and the other being studio-quality remakes, a best-of collection. The title was going to be I'm Funny: A Decade of the Chuxx. As the recording dragged on, the title was amended -- I'm Funny: 1.1 Decades of the Chuxx, 1.2 Decades of the Chuxx, 1.3 Decades of the Chuxx -- until it became apparent the double-disc project just wasn't going to happen. So, it was collapsed into a "regular" release.

Another thing was discovered in the course of the recording of Otis: The Chuxx stink at re-recording their older tunes. Not re-interpreting their own music. But simply trying to re-record the songs. Free Shoe Inside!'s "Whistler's Mother/Penguin Rock" is a perfect example. Everything is there...but the original spark. Which is another thing the Chuxx discovered during Otis: You can't spend too much time on a Chuxx song without destroying it.

Because the recording process was so lengthy, all the fun got sucked out of the endeavor. And it took eight years for the band to realize they could just go back to the basics and have fun with it again.

But this period of the Chuxx isn't dominated by the specter of Otis Hauls It In, nor is it, despite my unseemly focus on it, defined in any way by that album. Not in the least.

This period is, in fact, the band's most fruitful, containing some of the all-time classic Chuxx tunes: "Don't Hit Me, I'm Full of Shrimp," "Hey Beerman," "Crusher's Theme," "Dial-A-Rhea," "Totally Nude," "The Wreck of the F. Scott Fitzgerald," "Squirrel Highway," "Word Boots" and "The Whiskey What Done It." And despite the troubles surrounding Otis, with the completion of Waking President Wahid, Otis Hauls It In has gained a greater appreciation. It may be the weakest of the five albums in this period, but, as the Chuxx might say, "It's far from being Time Slugs."





Bobby & the Chuxx:  
Bobby Wendalo
thos e

Don't Hit Me, I'm Full of Shrimp
Don't Hit Me, I'm Full of Shrimp
Hey Beerman!
The Butt
At Least He's Still Breathing
Mother Russia
The Even Odder Couple
Glen's New Beat
The Cabbage Song
Walk Erect, You Homo
Thinking About Math
Camp Flesh
Me & the Venn Diagram
Jacko in Fishy Boots
Life of a Sandwich
Patio Guy
Chuxx Interview
(That's Me) 'N the Toilet


Bobby & the Chuxx:  
Bobby Wendalo
thos e

Free Shoe Inside!
That Psych Experiment
Crusher's Theme
Icky Is as Icky Does
Hey Man, You're Dead
The Captain's Log
Mouseketeer in Hell
The Wisdom Tooth
The Fish Goes
It's Going to Sting Me
Dear Betty & Veronica
Whistler's Mother/Penguin Rock
Elevator Dinner
Yodelin' Andy's Nightmare
I'm Nude


Bobby & the Chuxx:  
Bobby Wendalo
thos e

Totally Nude, Crazy Nude
Put a Little Meat on Yer Bonez
Throw Like a Girl
Crazy Nude
Problems With My Body
The Limp
The Spinal Injury Sequence (haiku)
The Wreck of the F. Scott Fitzgerald
Totally Nude
300 Cotton Swabs
Of a Cereal Box
I'm the Rat Again
The Black Damp Vamp
Block Mother
Multiple Choice


Bobby & the Chuxx:  
Bobby Wendalo
thos e

Otis Hauls It In
Otis Hauls It In
The Neuro Groove
Sauda, Norway 1924
We're Jazzin'
Squirrel Highway
The Age-Old Argument
Don't Hit Me, I'm Full of Shrimp
My Baby Wears White Shoes
Filth-Inhabiting Flies of Guam
Ham & Cigarettes
Bastard Candy
Man's Got a Do
I Lied


Bobby & the Chuxx:  
Bobby Wendalo
thos e

Waking President Wahid
Waking the President
Elmo's Rock n Roll Guitar
Uncle Wheezer's Pure Oxygen Breathing Apparatus for the Masses
Word Boots
Blitzenkrieg (Santa's Bunker)
Somebody Write Some Music
X's for Eyes
Exes' Four-Eyes
Dangerously Steep Escarpment
1,001 Household Uses
Joe's Gift to Women
I Am the Brain in the Jar
Quincy Is "The Mosquito"
Curious Buffy Dream
The Whiskey What Done It
Murder @ the Copa
Assistant to Mr. Friendly


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